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Less Painful Waxing?

We have always told ourselves that "beauty is pain" when it comes to grooming our hairs. Its painful, and sometimes very uncomfortable. That is why when we as a salon decided that we will be including waxing in our services we had to take all of that into consideration. We wanted our clients to feel safe and comfortable with the products that we use on them. That is why we do our research to find the best waxing products to provide a relaxing experience for our costumers. The wax that we use has the formula for sensitive skin, it helps prevent irritation and burns on your skin. We also use a cooling aloe designed to cool your skin after the wax. Our waxing bed has a disposable sheet just like you would see at a doctors office, we change it after every client. All of our waxing sticks are disposed of after every use and tweezers are sanitized as well. At Nails by T&V we have trained professionals that can perform any wax grooming on any kind of client. Everybody is different and we understand that, that is why we take our time to make every service amazing. Please feel free to ask us about the process, we are happy to answer any questions regarding your visit. Your safety, health & comfort is our number one priority.

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